Welcome to First United Methodist Church – Pulaski, VA!

Our church is a place where all are invited in to discover who God is and the purpose God has for all of us in his story. We think church should be one of the most engaging and exciting places you can find — a place where people of any and all backgrounds can experience a God who is real and relevant in their lives today. And that’s exactly what we want to help you do!

If you’ve been following God your entire life, you’re welcome here. If you’re new to faith, you’re welcome here. If you’re not really sure you believe in God at all, you’re welcome here. No matter where you are on the path of faith, we want to walk alongside you as you go. Our hope is that as you join us on the journey, you’ll discover a God who is active, alive, and at work in your life.



Early Years……

Although Methodism in Pulaski County dates back to 1773, construction of First United Methodist Church began in 1915 during the pastorate of Dr. W. M. Morrell. By 1917 the main sanctuary, Sunday School rooms on the main floor and second floor and basement were complete.

As the congregation grew, the facilities became inadequate. Even with the addition of a Youth Chapel and the leveling of balcony floors to make serviceable classrooms, by 1941 space needs had become critical.

A building campaign was launched in 1943 to answer the overcrowded conditions but was disrupted during World War II. In 1950 a remodeling program was instituted and in 1952 the adjacent property purchased.

A new education building was proposed and approved by the Official board in January, 1954 and in April of that year, more than $100,000 was raised in one week toward its construction. The building was finished in 1955.

Continuing in our tradition of progress, the Gilmer House on Third Street was purchased and converted to offices, a new parsonage was built on Pleasant Hill Drive, and an Associate’s parsonage purchased on Monte Vista Drive, and Kirchner Chapel renovated through a gift of the Herman E. Kirchner family.

Recent History……

In the year 1980, members of the congregation were interviewed by clergy members of other congregations, to determine our future building needs and out of this grew a Futures Committee. Many hours passed, papers, stacked and some heated discussion followed.

In 1988 things began to happen. The Bishop sent a minister by name, Jack P. Wiekel, known to be a capable “builder” who would give us motivation and enthusiasm for a Family Life Center.

Following two fund raising campaigns we took the giant step! In November, 1990, there was no sign of construction. In November 1991, we marvel at a building that appeared as though by magic and it is still magical — beautiful, spacious and facilities to accommodate all ages, the results of Christian planning, Christian praying, and Christian purpose.


This is my church — your church, composed of people like you, like me. We make it what it is. If we work, it will bring other people into its worship and fellowship. It will be a church of loyalty and love and faith.

Let us dedicate ourselves to the task of being what we want our church to be!

First Church’s is a rich heritage of faithful, dedicated, hard working individuals whose vision extends into the next 100 years.

We recognize with humble and grateful hearts the dedication and loving service given by these servants of God, our pastors. Each brought something special, his or her own unique talent to lead the people.


through God…with grace…for all

Will Shelton


Susan Hall


Sebastian Ruiz

Assistant Lay Pastor

Doug Lindamood

Chancel Choir Director

Hank Hanks

Contemporary Music Director

Suzanne Steele


Desmond Perry

Youth Minister

Sonya Atkinson

Children's Minister

James and Sharon Smith