If you would like your name added to the Birthday list, please call the church office at 540-980-3331


1st –    Lee Newby, Pat O’Dell

3rd –   Linda Caudell

5th –   Sharon Johnson

8th –   Emilio Velasquez

9th –    Jacob Crabtree

10th –  Lorene Beamer

11th –   McKinley Craft

13th –   Ted Anderson

14th –   Courtney Beville, Sandy Anderson

17th –   Theresa Hearn

18th –   Lindsay Clark, Allison Clark Watkins

21st –    Pat Huber, Lauren Howard, Chuck Shomo

22nd –  E. G. Black, Tony Blair

23rd –   Madelyn Clark

25th –   Mike Price

26th –   Will Clark, Petrona Velasquez

27th –   Jim Neighbors, Covington Shelton

30th –  Bill McMillan