If you would like your name added to the Birthday list, please call the church office at 540-980-3331


1st – Billie Farmer

2nd – Judy Belcher, Rob Hodges, Tasha Cox

3rd – Paige Cash

4th – Leslie Queen

5th – Paul Southern

6th – Ruth Mohl Lynn

8th – Pam Clark, Mildred “Duckie” Keller

9th – Donna Collins

11th – Ted Hezel, Luke McMillan

12th – Sallie Steger

13th – Will Shelton, Mark Hamric, Louise Haynes

14th – Trevor Hedge

15th – Ezma Lea Stevens

16th – Pat Albert, Laura Steger

19th – Hunter Craft, Ashely Velasquez

22nd – Emily Jennings

23rd – Brad Terry

24th – Rodney Beville, Mary Beth Glenn

26th – Shannon Collins

28th – Mike Stacy

30th – Herman Hearn

31st – Dee Hezel, Sadie Hillman, Lonnie Mattox