If you would like your name added to the Birthday list, please call the church office at 540-980-3331


1st –      Molly Cox

2nd –    Bill Thomas

3rd –     Anne Neighbors

4th –      Kathryn Kelly

6th –      Sally Ratcliffe

9th –      Guillermo Velasquez

10th –    Evan Clark, Cathy Dalton

16th –    Cindy Olinger, Virginia Donelson

17th –    Justin Stump

18th –    Barbara Cain

20th –   Regina Edwards, June Aker, Joseph Stacy

21st –    Allen Queen, Donia Eley, Gaspar Mendez, Olivia Stacy

24th –   Donna Worrell

27th –   Jenni French

31st –    Ann Lambert