If you would like your name added to the Birthday list, please call the church office at 540-980-3331


1st – Alicia Mendez-Solis

3rd – David Lambert

5th – Lee Thomas, Gary Hancock, Ron O. Vaughan

8th – Don Southern

10th – Dick Louthan

11th – Mary Lou Copenhaver

14th – Ron G. Vaughan, Larry Snow, Tristen Huff

18th – Gertrude Thomas

19th – Alexandra Ruiz, Pat Lindamood

20th – Tanna Cabaniss Payne

22nd – Velma Cruz-Solis

23rd – Kyrin Lewis

24th – Sally Quesenberry, Chris Shomo

27th – Jill Beville, Allie Stump

30th – Alex Shelton

31st – Mark Southern