October Birthdays


1st Billie Farmer

2nd Judy Belcher, Rob Hodges, Tasha Cox

3rd Paige Cash

4th Leslie Queen

5th Paul Southern

8th Pam Clark, Mildred “Duckie” Keller

9th Donna Collins

11th Ted Hezel, Luke McMillan

12th Sallie Steger

13th Mark Hamric, Louise Haynes

14th Trevor Hedge

15th Ezma Lea Stevens

16th Pat Albert, Laura Steger

19th Hunter Craft, Ashely Velasquez

22nd Emily Jennings

23rd Brad Terry

24th Rodney Beville, Mary Beth Glenn

25th Betty Lark

26th Shannon Collins

28th Mike Stacy

30th Herman Hearn

31st Dee Hezel, Sadie Hillman, Lonnie Mattox


If you would like your name added to the Birthday list, please call the church office.