November Birthdays


3rd Terry Stump

4th Marliene Wagner, Jim Kelly

5th Jane Bell

7th Robbie Gardner

8th Sarah Quillen

9th Dorman Williams, Ruth Childress

11th James Smith

12th B.C. Wampler

13th Carl Hanks, Hayes Owens

14th Emma Schleich

15th Janet Hanks, Austin Crabtree

16th J.R. Brewer

18th Evelyn Crabtree

19th Todd Howard, Rick Banks

20th Katharine Tozier

21st Erin Hamric

24th Mary Sue Newsome-Peters

27th Toni Ayers, Erik Velasquez

29th Araceli Ruiz


If you would like your name added to the Birthday list, please call the church office.