Happy November!

Our mission as the United Methodist Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. At FUMC Pulaski, we strive to make disciples who make a difference: in our own lives, in our community, and around the world. We make a difference by carrying out ministries empowered by your generosity.

As we turn our eyes to 2020, our finance team is preparing a budget to best reflect our spirit of giving. When you put a dollar in our offering plate, we want that dollar to make a difference. And we want you to know how that dollar is being spent.

Here’s how your offering made a difference in 2019:

Pastor, Support Staff & Admin includes salaries, insurance, and pension for clergy and office staff, plus expenses for continuing education opportunities and other administrative costs. Your dollar helps our staff pursue excellence.

Operations includes our utilities and property insurance, as well as salaries for our building maintenance staff. Your dollar keeps us cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and takes care of our 100+ year-old property.

Programming, Outreach & Missions includes our youth and children’s ministries, Sunday School, plus opportunities for outreach through various ministry teams. This also includes funds for our increased online presence. Your dollar reaches all ages, from snacks in our nursery to lesson plans for some of our longest-running Sunday School classes.

Apportionment dollars go to the United Methodist Church: 10% of what you put in the offering plate goes to support the work of the UMC around the world. This includes unique mission opportunities, funds to help aspiring pastors go to seminary, and administrative costs. When you give to a United Methodist Church, your dollar goes all over the world!

We’re excited about what’s happening in our church and would love for you to be part of it in 2020. As we prepare our budget for the coming year, we would love to have your financial support.

Turning in your pledge card enables us to be intentional in our planning and enables you to be intentional in your giving. We can sometimes find ourselves giving unintentionally: whatever’s left at the end of the month, whatever’s in our wallet on Sunday morning, whichever Sundays we’re at church. But God calls us to give not just on purpose, but with purpose.

In Psalm 50, God asks for not just an offering, but a sacrifice of thanksgiving. To give not only because we are grateful, but to be grateful “religiously”. Intentional giving is born out of intentional gratitude: being a people and a church who see God’s goodness at work in our lives, and who give thanks in response every day.

We would love for you to partner with us for the coming year. Pledge cards can be returned on Sunday, October 20. And you can also turn in your pledge online below.

Join us as we seek to make every dollar and every day count.

Grace & Peace,

Will Shelton

Senior Pastor